Tool Control System

Why dig through cluttered tool box drawers when you could be organised with the TengTools Control System?

Aside from making some of the world's greatest tools, our tool sets offer you an entire system to help maintain order in your workshop. The TengTools Control System is about each tool having its own place. Instead of drawing an outline around each tool as in the old days, each tool compartment acts as an organising system by snapping together to fit snugly in your box drawers. No space is wasted and with each tool stored snugly away in its place, it's much easier to identify tools that are missing at the end of each day.

To experience the benefits of better organisation through our Tool Control System, design your own tool cabinet with our Click & Fill interactive program.

Creating a tool cabinet is one thing, organising an entire shop requires a whole other bag of tricks.

Putting together an entire shop can be a real challenge as there is so much to take into account. That's why we created the Click & Build function on this website. It will help you, the shop owner/ manager to create your shop with all the tools your customers need. Start building and experience what you can do with Teng on your side.
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