About Us
TengTools started twenty five years ago with the belief that beauty & functionality lives in the details. Over the years, these useful details have come to be known as  Typically Teng. Today we offer over 2500 tools that possess such beauty & functionality.  TengTools is a truly international brand, sold in over 30 countries worldwide!

Our guaranteed tools and unique Tool Control System do more than just get the job done, they help to improve work flow by creating a more organised and efficient workshop and workspace with smoother performance. With TengTools on your side, you’ll save money and time by eliminating the hassle of searching for misplaced tools.

Our clients range from major industry leaders to respected vehicle manufacturers, to the top names in racing and even your next-door neighbour with the great garage. We offer a worldwide distribution network to accommodate large or small orders with fast service, competitive prices and optimal quality.

We continue to anticipate new user needs by working closely with professional users and applying their feedback to the development of new and even better tools and tool sets. Only TengTools offers Swedish design with the dependability of Taiwanese production at costs competitive enough to please price conscious professional users all over the world.

Get Organised...Get TengTools!
Imported & Distributed in New Zealand by
ISL Industrial Ltd